Apart from our fast and effective water damage removal and restoration, The Dry Boys offers the following services:

Free Estimates

If you have flooding or any type of water emergency, in the Capital Region, contact the Dry Boys immediately. When you call us, we can get you a no-strings-attached free estimate.

Quick Response

When dealing with flooding or water damage, every second matters. At The Dry Boys, we have a large fleet of water damage restoration equipment. Our professionals can respond in an hour or less to contain, assess, and begin the restoration of your property.

24/7 Service

Water damage and flooding on your property can happen any day of the year. We understand that these issues can help support mold or cause structural damage. To combat these issues, we have service available 24/7 365. If you have sewer, water damage, or a flood emergency, don’t hesitate to call day or night!

Flood Damage Repair & Restoration

The Dry Boys of Albany’s water damage restoration team will come in to investigate and document the damage. If there is anything that can’t be salvaged, we’ll remove those items. We can also assist in deciding which items can be saved and which can’t. Click here for more information on flood damage repair.


The Dry Boys are known as the best in the business for drying and dehumidifying. We use state-of-the-art air movers, air scrubbers and dehumidifiers to return air to normalcy. There are some types of wood floors that may need additional drying. Click here for more information on dehumidification.

Disinfection Services

The Dry Boys of the Capital Region, Inc. offers state of the art disinfection services in Albany New York and it’s surrounding areas. We use high-quality commercially viable disinfectants, space-age technology, hydroxyl generators, and H13 HEPA air filtration systems. Click here for more information about our disinfection services.

Mold Removal & Remediation

The Dry Boys can identify, contain, and remove all mold and contamination. If it’s caught early enough, this could mitigate lasting damage. Mold can be created by excess humidity and or moisture. It can also play a role in health issues. Mold isn’t always seen either, so it can be difficult to know if it’s there. Removing mold shouldn’t be taken lightly. Click here for more information on mold remediation.

Sewage Cleanup and Restoration

Our experts have years of experience cleaning up raw sewage. We have the expertise, and more importantly, the protective equipment to handle sewage removal in Albany, Troy Saratoga, and other local areas. It’s unfortunate, but the fact is, sewers can back up. Toilets can over flow. Things happen, but it’s important to remember this water is extraordinarily unsanitary. The Dry Boys of Albany team are highly trained experts who know how to use the high-tech equipment needed to handle these issues. Click here for more information on sewer damage cleanup.

Equipment Rentals

When you experience water or flooding damage in your home or business, you’ll likely need professional help to restore your area to pre-damaged conditions. To do that, it’s helpful to have the correct equipment. The Dry Boys of Albany has state-of-the-art, commercial quality dehumidification rental equipment for your home or business to do the job properly the first time. For more information on equipment rentals, click here.

For more information about our water damage removal and restoration services and process, call the Dry Boys today!