Water Damage Classification

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) created and sets the standard for water damage restoration and cleaning. The Dry Boys of Albany New York and the greater Capital Region are IIRC certified. Our water damage experts and technicians follow their guidelines closely to ensure you get the best care.

There are three categories that describe the type of liquid involved in the water damaged area:

Category One:

Category One means the liquid is considered “clean” This means it’s water from a faucet or shower, etc. Category One situations can turn to Category Two problems easily though.

Category Two:

This is called “gray water”. It is contaminated water and may cause discomfort or illness if consumed. This type of water could come from dishwashers, sink drains, and washing machines.

Category Three:

This is the worst classification and it is extremely unsanitary. If Category Three water is consumed it likely could cause severe illness or death. It is referred to as “black water”. Sources can be sewer backups, stream or river flooding, overflowing toilets, or stagnant water which leads to bacteria growth.

Flood Emergency Clean-up Restoration Repair Water Damage Albany NY

The four destruction categories caused by water or flood damage are:

Class One:

Class one is a spill that only impacts part of a room or area. It’s the easiest to deal with. Typically, there is little or no carpet in the wet areas and the only material impacted are concrete or plywood.

Class Two:

Class two destruction affects an entire room. This includes carpets or couches and cushions. Wetness also has gradually moved up the walls at least 12 inches and the moisture remains in structural materials.

Class Three:

Class Three situations impact subfloors, carpets, walls, ceilings, and insulation. This damage usually comes from overhead.

Class Four:

Class Four water damage means the water has had time to soak non-porous material like brick, or hardwood. When we have Class Four damage, special drying is required.

When you call the Dry Boys of Albany for all your water damage situations near Albany, Schenectady, Saratoga, or Troy, our Technicians will determine the water damage classification and the damage class. We then formulate the best approach to get everything back to normal in your home or business.